Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I wish I was a cat except for having no thumbs and having to eat cat food

This is Bert. Bert has a pretty good life. Yesterday his day consisted of him getting a drink of water, eating a little bit of food and then climbing back on to the loft bed (his new trick, it's hilarious, he kinda just hangs on to the side and pole vaults his body onto the bed) and then sleep, lots of sleep.
Bert and I watched The Departed in the evening. Bert is convinced Martin Scorsese will win the Oscar on Sunday because it is his time after all. He liked the movie and all and we both agree the acting is superb but he pointed out a few inconsistencies in the film. Like why did Leo give an envelope to the psychiatrist to hold on to if it was going to be inconsequential?
Anyways, I am having trouble getting motivated to do anything. Probably the only reason I left the house today is because I have a meeting at work and I will be fired unless I attend.
I'm at a coffee shop, Cake Shop on Ludlow, w/ my laptop...Lappy. No, kidding my computer's name isn't Lappy. That would be stupid. Her name is Lola.
I'm being good, I am not having any cake even though the cupcakes look like to die for. But it smells like curry in here. Ehhhhh, not so appetizing.
I better run to my meeting. Also I just made a fart noise with my mouth and I am getting looks.


Erin said...

actually, the envelope was anything BUT inconsequential. (do you really think your beloved Marty, who deserves the OSCAR, would make such an error?) Leo gave the envelope to the psychiatrist so that in the case that anything happened to him (Leo) she would give the envelope to Marky Mark and justice would be served. also, Leo deserves the Sexy Oscar, for which he was nominated (in my mind).
Cool Blog! Luv, Erin

Some Chick said...

Leo def. deserves the sexy oscar. Now remember Erin, Bert is the one that has a few problems with the film.
But I will have a talk with him b/c now I see your point about Marky Mark. That's why he shows up. Duh Bert!