Thursday, November 30, 2006

Be kind, I'm rusty.

Just as soon as I began this blog I quit. But there has been alot of talk about blogs lately, so baby I am back in. Here is my half ass attempt to breathe life back in this old girl.
So, what should I blab about? Well, I just came from seeing the best band ever! The Naked Heroes rocked out at the Delancy tonight. For a mere $7 I was more entertained than I have been in a long while. One of the heroes even lost his shirt. In the words of my mother, what a bargain!
I am excited that I stayed up until 3am last night cleaning up my desk. Today I just sat at my desk and looked at the neatly organised files, the open spaces. Ahhhhhhhhhh, now I can get it done. I know in the past I have been way too boy crazy. Those days are gone, well almost, I do have a few ridiculous crushes... but LISTEN I have bigger fish to fry (another parental saying).
I wanted to post a photo of my thanksgiving retreat (maybe I'll write about that if I ever develop the pics) or my trip to New Orleans (Halloween, also, I'll wait until I develop the pics). My stupid digital camera is f**ed up. It would have been nice if I could have taken a pic of the super fab band, but no. So instead I am posting a picture of the tree in Rockefeller Center. I saw on yahoo news they lit it up. Thank God I was no where near when they did.

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Paul said...

I am so there supporting you for your on-again, off-again blogging fad peer-pressure thing.