Thursday, August 10, 2006

You better sleep with me or I'm calling the cops (she says)!

This is a picture of my boyfriend and some other dudes. Guess which one is my man?

I just taught myself how to add pictures to my blog.

This is so great! Now whenever I am lazy, super lazy, beyond recognizable laziness I can just post a picture and be done with it.

Anyhoo, in other related news (and I came up with the idea of commenting on funny news stories) Ok Ok, I read that off someone else's blog. BUT they didn't get this scoop- check it.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Police in the German city of Aachen received an unusual call for help late on Wednesday when a woman telephoned to complain her husband was not fulfilling his sexual obligation.
After the couple had been sleeping in separate beds for several months without intimate contact, the 44-year-old woman woke the husband, 45, in the middle of the night and demanded he satisfy her needs, police spokesman Paul Kemen said on Thursday.
When her advances were refused, a row broke out and she called the police and asked them to intervene, he added.

- He should be beheaded. Ha ha, get it! be Head , never mind.
But seriously folks (like anyone's reading this, hopefully nobody I know, as I plan on talking about EVERYONE)...
Anyways like I was saying seriously, I need to call the cops too. And thats all I am saying. That and next time, this one guy ,we're not cuddling and other guy #2, you blew it tonight, it's finished, probably, yes finished.

And in more news about me my wallet, small bag, call it what you will, WAS recovered!!! I received a call this afternoon that it was found in front of a church. The $17 or so dollars was gone, but my passport, state ID, keys, chapstick, BDC dance card, duane reede card was all there. Even my bank card, which I canceled was in there.
A nice German woman found it! Danke Caroline!

This is my love horoscope for today:

Your unique take on events makes people laugh. A wicked sense of humor is extremely sexy -- and you'll find that someone very intriguing has noticed yours. You're hilarious without even trying.

Thanks. Wanna fuck. Can I say that? Oh, sorry, I mean shall we have a dance? And later some crumpets.
Oh and P.S. the pics, they are a joke. Geez.


Doctor Overdose said...

Could it b the loser? Wait, that won't narrow it down.

Some Chick said...

ummm it's a joke. You can find these fellows on